How To Train

July 16, 2015

Want to know how to progress faster than ever and have an awesome session?


Here’s my favourite way to “structure” my session, it works so well for me as it forces me out of doing the same old stuff.

The Method

Pick 3 tricks or variations of tricks you’d like to learn, make them all very different from each other, for example, mine are front to blind, kiteloop 3 and back mobe. Then, try each one in one tack and see what happens. The key is you have to commit 100% even if you think you’ll crash.

Once you’ve done this I do one of two things, I either pick a new 3 because I ate shit or I focus purely on one of the tricks I came close to landing. Don’t pick tricks that are too out of reach for your ability, it’s lining you up for a session of no progress or fun. Maybe just adding a grab to your trick can be all the difference between it feeling good and it feeling awesome.

To not get stale and unmotivated, switch it up during your session, suddenly throw 3 tricks you can pretty much do but for some reason never try, they’re instant motivation boosters. for me this is front roll kiteloops, front roll grabs or unhooked, powered back rolls to toeside, or a clean raley to blind.

Ride with someone who pushes you if you’re being a wuss, I usually don’t need someone to push me in good conditions, but when I ride with one of my friends I’ll always end up trying the craziest stuff (It’s how I learnt to megaloop and megaloop backroll so quickly!).


Don’t get down

But then don’t get too excited when you get a trick, this is a bit counter-intuitive. Love crashing as much as you love landing and you’ll enjoy kiting much more. Most of all don’t get down that you’re not pro, most of those guys spent so long learning all their tricks and pushed themselves all the time, remember you only see the end result not the thousands of hours of work they put in.

Depending on the difficulty, try more/less tricks:

If it’s 50 mph and you’re riding a 7m, don’t try 50 megaloop kgbs in a session, you’ll get screwed. If it’s 20 mph and flat water, do try 50 board offs in a session (okay maybe not 50). This is a given, the more painful a trick the less you should try it in a session… BUT the more you should commit 100%. If you commit 100% to a megaloop you’ll come off better than committing 50%, and if not you’ll get some sick video footage instead.

Handy Tips: 
1) Always ride the right size Kite
Always make sure you have enough kites to have the right power to try tricks. It’s much nicer when you’re learning something new to have everything as perfect as possible.

2)Try new things in the right conditions
Not perfect conditions, but make sure the conditions are reasonable for learning a new trick, i.e only slightly over/under powered.

3) Try a kite holiday
Sadly this can be quite expensive, but try to get somewhere with good conditions or perfect conditions (brazil). 1 week in Brazil is equivalent to 2 weeks in Egypt, and about 1 year in the U.K!

4) Watch Videos a Little Bit
Don’t get too invested in watching videos to learn new tricks, but you have to know the theory before you start practicing, once you can visualise the trick then it’s all practice, not videos.

5) Learn the nicer tricks first
Start to learn the tricks that don’t break you or your gear, e.g back mobes and flat 3s send the kite to 12 when you crash, but learning blind will almost always crash your kite hard.

6) Don’t think, just do.
Just focus on your riding, too many times do I get stuck overthinking when I should be practicing or taking my mind off the trick by trying something more fun.

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