2014 – Annelous Lammerts

Posted January 3, 2015 by Annelous Lammerts

What a year! Watch this short recap of my season traveling to Brazil, Panama, Morocco, China and many more places to train and compete in the professional kiteboarding world tour. Couldn’t be happier with my 2nd place in slalom racing and my 4th place in freestyle. It was amazing to visit al these new places and meet so many great people along the way.

I’m really thankful for all my dear friends, family and everyone else supporting me throughout the year. Thanks for being part of my 2014 and let’s make many more great memories in 2015!

Also thanks to Brunotti, Slingshot, Mystic and Natural High for the support this year.

Footage: PKRA world tour//Seventh Frame, GoHero.nl and everyone that helped me with filming!

Music: Family Force 5 – This Is My Year (Matoma Remix)

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