#AddAkite: Part 2 – Safety Concerns.

Posted July 4, 2014 by Mac Kiteboarder

In the second installment of the #AddAKite Series, Matt talks about the concerns he had getting into the sport after watching people get dragged down the beach by their kites on YouTube videos and watching launches going bad on the local scene by untrained newbie/wannabe kiteboarders. The Best TS has changed all of that.

Getting on the Best TS and getting great advice from an instructor has really put those safety concerns to rest. Matt acknowledges that the fear of the unknown had really turned him away from the sport of kiteboarding for a long time. Realizing that modern kiteboarding gear really has come a long way has Matt wondering what took him so long to give kiteboarding an honest shake and he now cannot wait for the wind to be good for the next session!

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