Best Kite Evolution in 2015

Posted August 20, 2014 by Best Kiteboarding

Peter Stiewe, Head Kite Designer at Best Kiteboarding, talks you through the evolution and development process of the new 2015 kites.

One of the main design changes for 2015 was the revision of Dacron canopy placements. By elaborating the placing of the heavy canopy we were able to reduce up to 15 % weight of each kite without impairment in their durability. This design change strongly improves their responsiveness, the bar feedback and also their low end performance. Innovative optimizations of the kites, like adjusting the aerodynamic profile or re-designing the trailing edge that smoothens the air flow, enhances the performance of the 2015 kites even further. Several smaller improvements in features like bridle deflectors, leech battens and the overall quality as well as refining the tension of the canopy make the 2015 kites the best kites we ever build.

Watch the new 2015 team video ‘Everybody Knows’:
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