Brunotti 2015 Waveboards: Boomer

Posted October 28, 2014 by Brunottiworld

The totally new developed hybrid/newschool model in our Brunotti range. The 5’8 size is the ideal for small and gutless waves. The quad fin-setup delivers excellent grip and provides a lively feeling at the same time. The thin fish tail and sharp rails make the board snappy, and easy to turn, which make the Boomer a great and fun board to ride.

To make sure you can enjoy our boards as long as possible we use a PVC sandwich construction in our Waveboards. This makes sure the surface is both harder and more resistant to dents and cracks. It also allows us to make our boards thinner due to the increased strength of the sandwich construction.

Apart from that we also introduce our completely new Honeycomb construction in this years Waveboards. The honeycomb material is extremely dent resistant, and makes sure the durability of our surfboards is unmatched. The honeycomb material still leaves room for flex, but is much more durable than “normal” used reinforcement layers like bamboo.

Our tested and proven 3.F.R. Tech is a great way to increase our finbox strength without adding too much weight to our boards. The three high density foam parts hold the finbox in place while distributing the sideways forces to the rest of the board. This construction creates super strong finboxes which will not let you down in the middle of the action.

In order to have perfect shaped surfboards we make our own hand shaped prototypes. Only when we are 100% happy with the performance of the board we convert them to 3D models which can be CNC shaped. With this process we can adjust our shapes quickly, making sure we end up with perfect shaped boards. Apart from that the CNC shaping makes sure that every production board is exactly as the prototype we all loved.

The Boomer will give you all the confidence you need to start off your wave career. Ride your style with this board, straps, or strapless!

Brunotti is a sports lifestyle brand established in 1979, manufacturing apparel, surfboards, footwear, bags, eyewear and underwear. our brand is founded by the Italian Claudio Brunotti. He was a real bon vivant and talented windsurfer. He started with shaping surfboards. His feeling for style, color and quality was unique those days. It became the signature of our brand.

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