Canon YJ18x9 B4 – EOSm (3x crop mode) LENS TEST

Posted June 15, 2014 by Alexander Lewis-Hughes

Small test to show how the Canon YJ18x9 B4 2/3′ KRS IF TV Zoom looks on the EOSm in 3x sensor crop mode.

This lens has 35mm focal length in 3xcrop mode of 26.1mm – 472.7mm.

The first couple of shots were filmed at f2.8 and as you can see doesn’t look as sharp as it could be, also some parts of the image (especially on the wide end) get a white outlined effect. The rest of the footage is shot between f4 and f11 and gives you an idea of what the lens is capable of. All close ups are done at full zoom range 163mm setting (472.7mm) and are not shot in the “macro” mode that this lens is also capable of.

This footage has not been processed at all. This is EXACTLY how it came out of the EOSm with “Cinestyle” picture setting and 3xcrop mode enabled.

NOTE: The Zooms aren’t smooth, I realise they don’t look nice, I just put them in there so you can understand the range this lens can have. I should be get a battery to power the servo for this lens soon and will upload another test to show you how smooth it is then.

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