Cap Skirring Kitesurf Paradise, episode 9

Let’s go to Senegal for episode 9 of Kitesurf Paradise.Cap Skirring is in the south in Casamance. You can choose strapless in front of the Club Med or freestyle on extra flat water in the river of the little village Carabane. You can also share unforgettable moments laughing with the Diola kids or just talking with the fishermen that have plenty of stories to tell you.
I will resume my trip in 3 words: “smile, share and peace” thanks so much to all the Diola people that learn me so much just talking with them.

Riders: Charlotte CONSORTI / Bruno DUBOSQ
Edited by White WALL
Spot: Senegal, Cap Skirring Club Med, Carabane
Filmed with the new JVC GC-PX100 and the Gopro Hero3+
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Thanks to : Club Med, F-one, Manera, Isuzu, Eafit, Sosh, Superdry, Picture, JVC, X-sories, Carrera

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