EPIC 78 year old kiter. Congratulations Fred!

Posted June 7, 2014 by EPIC KITES

This video is about 78 year old kiter Fred getting a new RENEGADE 13 ltd from Epic kites for his commitment and passion about this sport we all love. I hope I can ride as long and hard as Fred when I get to his age.

From the author:
The small town on Oliphant, Ontario, Canada, boasts one of the premiere kiteboarder locations on the shore of Lake Huron. It is also the summer home of local hero Fred Giray.

Fred is a humble man who appreciates everything that he has, and takes nothing for granted. The kiteboarder scene attracts riders from afar but has a tight knit local group. A group that is passionate about their time on the water, and look out for one another. It’s this group that got together in spirit to recognize Fred for inspiring so many people. One of the things that makes Fred special, is the simple fact that he is 78 years old! He began windsurfing in his 50’s but after seeing the lighter wind opportunities with kiting, took up the sport when he was 70 by teaching himself and taking his lumps along the way. It was not the easiest path, but one that Fred recalls with fondness.

Dimitri Maramenides of Epic Kites got wind of this celebration and insisted that he provide a generous gift to mark the occasion. I sat down with Fred today and showed him a video that Dimitri made announcing that he was now the proud new owner of a Epic Renegade 13 LTD. Fred was very moved by the generosity and enjoyed a lengthy session on this chilly day. Please keep an eye out for further details and local remarks in a magazine article and video soon!

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