EXPOSED – Luca Tribondeau Trailer

Posted December 16, 2014 by ENJOY THE SOUP

Who is Luca Tribondeau?

When checking Google there’s many photos, some videos with breathtaking action and a handful of interviews. It quickly becomes clear that Luca has found his destiny on the skis that mean the world to him. Nevertheless, many questions remain. What drives him? How does he train? Why is his family so important to him? How does he manage to live his life as a teenager, living out of a suitcase, far away from home? Does he even manage it? Question after question.

One thing is clear: this teenager has big plans for the coming winter. No one will underestimate him anymore; the bonus of the underdogs is gone. This doesn’t bother Luca, he is willing to take it up with the best of the best.

EXPOSED provides deep insights into the life of Luca Tribondeau. This three-part web series takes the viewers on a trip with our young freeski professional, where they will experience first hand what happens behind the scenes, literally feeling the emotions going through this athlete at the start of his promising career.

SUPPORTED BY: Mini, Colmar, Eat the Ball, Red Bull, Nordica, Leki, Poc

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