Flyboards RAZOR – Light wind speed sessions

Posted December 15, 2014 by FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

During our international sales partner meeting in Egypt last month FLYSURFER riders Sebastian, Andi & Christoph headed to the water for some speed and slalom sessions on the super light wind days (5-9 knots) with the Speed4 Lotus, Crazy Dog Productions cut a very nice action video with the FLYBOARDS Razor freeride directional in use. It’s tough construction allows you to experience the kite raceboard feeling without the worries of fragile kite raceboard construction nor experienced technique.

Whether Cruising, Fun-Racing, Speeding, Slalom or Jumping, anything is possible… The RAZOR is simply fun – maximum simplicity and robustness with a pre-programmed maximum speed rush. Ride it fast!

Flyboards RAZOR technical data:
165cm length x 60cm wide x 1,6cm thickness
4,5kg all complete
For more information on the Flyboards Razor kiteboard, check out:

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