Flysurfer FlyDoor5 Designer Interview

Posted September 4, 2014 by FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

Andi Hanrieder from the Flysurfer Kiteboarding Research and Development Team talks about the new FlyDoor5 kiteboard and all its new features. In a short designer video interview he explains you quickly what the most important features and innovations are on this new board.

Comfort meets Performance
Who would have thought that the concept of “the Door” – a relatively large kiteboard specifically developed for lighter winds – would be around for so many years. There is always something which can be improved further. The FlyDoor5 has a performance orientated focus, which means it allows riders to start planing and go upwind as early as possible, in the easiest possible way. The design is optimised for enormous light wind performance in terms of its dimensions, rocker curves and core materials. The center fin which has proven itself at various international competitions by winning the TwinTip racing class, adds an extra bit of performance. But what good is all that performance, if the rider cannot extract it from the board? With the Flydoor5 we provide a board that is easy to ride with comfortable handling. Besides relaxed freeriding, you can also enjoy a variety of twin tip tricks or try it out strapless! The new “Galaxy” footstrap system provides sublime hold and combined with the “Space” footpads guarantee an intergalactic feeling. The innovative Click’n’Ride fin system allows you to remove the matt white G-10 fins in just seconds reducing scratches during transport.

Elegance meets Quality
With the black and white graphic we have designed a timeless and sophisticated looking board. The detail in the design tells a fantastic story. Thanks to our production of Flysurfer kiteboards in Europe we can ensure the lowest production tolerances possible and our customers can expect a high quality and beautifully finished kiteboard. The FlyDoor5 is a refined board for the demanding riders of today who wish to catch every breath of wind and enjoy every minute on the water – everyday is a kiteday!

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