Flysurfer VIRON2 Deluxe – Designer & Features Interview

Posted December 17, 2014 by FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

Flysurfer recently announced the launch of the successor of the ultimate teaching kite, the all-new VIRON2 Deluxe.. The VIRON2 has been improved on numerous points, what do all these small mutations bring you? Improved handling, increased durability, better overall performance and extreme stability – even in gusty conditions.

In this video Armin Harich from the Flysurfer and Flyboards Research and Development Team talks about the new VIRON2. In a short designer video interview he explains you quickly what the most important features and innovations are on this awesome new beginners kite.

VIRON2 Deluxe Main features:
.. Triple Depower System
.. Increased Durability
.. Improved Performance
.. Deep Y-bridle
.. Optional Short Lines
.. Infinity Light Control Bar
.. Auto-Relaunch
.. Reefline Safety System
.. Automatic Drainage System

Check out all the VIRON2 Deluxe details on the product page –
But watch out… The VIRON2 is highly addictive!

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