High On Life – Jake Higgins

Posted June 28, 2012 by Jake Higgins

A video documenting my 6 months surfing and kitesurfing around Australia and Indonesia. I decided to escape the Scottish winter and move out to Western Australia to Kitesurf, I met a lot of good people so we decided to get a house together at the famous 48 Stevens Street. After 4 months in Australia I moved out to Indonesia to surf its world class breaks, I lived in Lombok for most of my stay and travelled through Bali also.

The best 6 months of my Life, travelling is definitely the way forward!

Check out Alex Parkers edit, documenting the Australian Summer at our house – 48 Stevens Street https://vimeo.com/41645146

Big thanks to Tony Waller for the accommodation in Lombok, living in Paradise. http://aregoling.com/

Thanks to everyone who helped film – Alex Parker, Tommy Gaunt, Mike Bryson, Luke Whiteside, Steffen Biernacki, Josh Whiteside, Alexander James Lewis Hughes, Jonathon Bleiker, Daniela Di Placido, Alberto Rondina, Finn Behrens, Ewan Jaspan and Anderson Rocio Romero

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