Highline | The ghost inside | World record in China 375m long | Trailer

Posted December 15, 2014 by XTreme Video

New world record by Alexander Schulz with the longest slack line ever. He walked a 375m long and about 100m high slack line. Subscribe To X-Treme Here: http://goo.gl/7Vdr0

New famous world record in slacklining by Alexander Schulz. He walked a 375m long and about 100m high slack line which had been rigged between two giant limestone rocks in Yangshuo, a town in the province of Guangxi.
This is the trailer for the upcoming documentary about the trip to China and the world record. It will be released in winter/spring and can be watched here.
Thanks to Rio Zhang, Rex, Alejandro Uscocovich and Gert van Gerven! Without you guys we couldn’t have managed to realize that project. Thank you!
Link: http://www.oneinchdreams.com
Thanks to RJD2 for the music!
RJD2 – Act 2
Thanks to Elephant Slacklines, HD+ and Adidas for the support!
A full report can be read here: oneinchdreams.com/en/photo/slackline-weltrekord-in-china-2014.html
Line Beta:
Name: the ghost inside
Lenght: 375m
Height: 100m
Tension: 5,5 kN
Webbing: pure Dyneema from Elephant Slacklines

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