How to safely Self-Land modern bow / delta kites

Posted January 23, 2013 by Christian Bulota

This video shows how to safely self-land modern bow / delta kites for the 3 main safety systems on the market.

These techniques are recommended only for experienced kiteboarders with good flying skills, knowledge of safety systems and safe behavior.

All techniques shown in this video utilize the safety system of the kite, meaning that if the kite doesn’t end up in a secure position, the kite cannot power up and will be retrievable by following the safety line hand over hand to recover the kite.

Kites and winds conditions in this video are:

-17m 2013 Core XR LW, 18 knots
-12m 2012 Ozone Catalyst 20-22 knots
-10m 2012 North Rebel 22 knots
-7m 2012 North Rebel 25-27 knots

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