KLBB on the US Dry Lakes – featuring Craig and Lolo

Posted April 10, 2015 by FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

FLYSURFER riders Craig Sparkes (Buggy Freestyle) and Laurent “Lolo BSD” Guyot (MTB Freestyle) travelled across the ocean to visit the 2015 NABX club meet and 2015 IBX – Ivanpah Buggy Expo. Held on the dry lakes of El Mirage and Ivanpah surrounded by beautiful scenery, near Las Vegas, USA.

Between and after events, short stops with the RV were made at the Trona Pinacles and Las Vegas, check out this awesome landkite video shot in one of the most magnificent landscapes you have ever seen! And see the all-new Flysurfer SONIC-FR, PEAK2 and SPEED4 Lotus in action in the hands of our team 🙂

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