Pro Kitesurfing Youth Training Movie 1 – Hunstanton 2015

Posted May 26, 2015 by Jo Wilson

Aimed at kitesurfers aged 12-18 years this edit shows off the skills of a group of young riders as they unleashed the fury on the water at the start of the 2015 Pro Kite Youth Training Program run by Jo Wilson Coaching with the support of the BKSA.

The program aims to take these young riders on a journey to help them develop their kitesurfing both on and off the water to help them to ride harder, yet safer and take their kitesurfing wherever they want to go. There are 6 riders in total taking part in the program aged 2 x 12yrs, 3 x 14yrs and 1 x 18yrs. They are working on a variety of tricks from back rolls all the way through to surface handle passes and they all have ambitions to land even more technical tricks.

Over this weekend we touched on topics such as what its like to be a sponsored rider, safety issues, injury prevention and competition riding. For some of these riders competition is on the forefront of their minds, so while keeping the competition aspect light and fun we could bring the riders key experiences to help them do well if they do compete on the British Tour this year.

Providing each rider with the building blocks for their own personal goals the young riders have ‘homework’ to carry out both on and off the water ready for the next round on the program this coming July.

Please enjoy this edit from Boxhead Media and thank you to all those who took part or were involved in making this weekend so successful.

Good luck to those of you taking part at the first of the British Championships in Lancing at the end of May!!


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