Ride With Me Ep03 – WINTER

Posted April 22, 2014 by spocky

2013/2014 WINTER in Brittany was super windy! Tons of storms and big swells coming each weeks from November to February, it was really epic!! Most of sessions were in 9 and 7m, with 25 up to 45+knts!!

Unhooked freestyle was banished most of the time giving way to kiteloop and strapless action Favorite moves were definitively mega loop and strapless backroll which are amazing in strong winds!

Enjoy and share if you like!

Footages are done using EOS70D and Gopro, with home made back harness and rotocam mounts, and kite mount by Xsories.

Cabrinha Skillit 5’6 – Custom Classic – Chaos 9 – Vector 7
Boardshorts Kitaddict
Harness NP Mirage

Thanks to:
JP prod for extra footage
Special thanks to storms Xaver, Dirk, Petra, Qumaira, Ruth, Ulla,…!

This edit is dedicated to my mom, I miss you.

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