Starkites Team Martinique 2014

Posted May 15, 2014 by StarkitesMartinique

Une vidéo réalisée en Martinique, à la pointe Faula, à Paquemar, à Cap chevalier à la baignoire de Joséphine par les rideurs amateurs Starkites.
Tout est filmé avec une go pro silver.

Chloe, Delphine, Fabien and Lucas are living in the Martinique French Island. They are member of the team with Pierrot and sophie which are now in Guadeloupe (French Caribean).
This video shows different spots in Martinique as Pointe Faula and Paquemar (Le Vauclin), Cap Chevalier, Baignoire de Josephine (Le François) and the crossing of channel Martinique to Sainte Lucia.
Nobody is a professional in the team but there is a good mix between old school tricks, a bit of new school, failed and lifestyle.

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