Switch Kiteboarding – Element 4 – All Terrain Kite

Posted June 20, 2015 by Switch Kites

The Element has exceptional low-end power allowing you to ride in marginal conditions on water, snow or land. By design, the Element is stable and predictable without compromising performance or handling. Riders from first lesson beginners to hardcore waveriders will find it equally up to the task. Wave riders instantly notice quick turns with remarkable drift for riding in all conditions. The Element penetrates upwind getting you quickly back to the take-off for the next wave. With the introduction of stronger, lighter materials and improved construction, the Element is built to take daily punishment. A hard-wired bridal system provides direct bar feel with on demand instant depower. The user-friendly 3-strut design gives the Element a compact feel and the mid-aspect outline instant relaunch.

If Simplicity, Performance and Versatility is what you are looking for, go no further.

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