The Blind Judge 5 Challenge. Episode1.

Posted November 12, 2015 by Felipe Moure López

The Story about a man born in the 70s trying to become the oldest man in the world able to do a Blind Judge 5, a very difficult freestyle kiteboarding trick done only by teenagers and 20s pro riders. The adventure has just begun!

Supported by:
– Switch Kiteboarding.
– Ride Clash Kiteboarding.
– Cumbuco Meeting Point.
– Kite-Addiction.
– Mavago.

Special Thanks to:
– Liam Whaley, David Tonijuan, Marc Jacobs and Maxi Gómez for his starring 😉
– Noussa Denkler and his family for the great welcome they gave us to Egypt.
– All the people behind the cameras: Phil Larcher, María Varela, María José Barrionuevo and Sandra García
– All the people from the KBC at El Gouna.

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