The WildK Journeys

Posted March 18, 2014 by wild K

Experience a Unique Kitesurf Trip on the Peruvian NorhShore. Ride the Longest Waves with us.

Special Thanks to Liquid Force, Felipe R, Richard Boudia, Alban the Pelican, Dani, Pacifico Adventures, Safia, Ricardo T. V. y sus amigos, Sylvia, Claire Escalant, Christian Sacom, Camarade Yohan Dobrotine, Mr Maurette Romain, Gerard the lizard, Michel Berube, Cam & Kieran, Lorenzo, Paolo, Gonzalo, Fouad, Alonzo, Przemek, Elizabeth Wilson, the young surfers…

Music: Phoenix, Love Like a Sunset.

Filmed & Edited by Axel Natali

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