Why I love kitesurfing

Posted July 7, 2014 by Richard Branson

Let’s go fly a kite! Watch this video on how I fell in love with kitesurfing, and why I think it is the best sport in the world.

I kitesurf every day on Necker and see it as a great way to get away from it all, as well as enjoy the thrill of the sport. Life is a lot more fun if you can make time for sport – I 100% recommend it.

Watch Susi Mai, yours truly and the kitesurfing community in action on Necker Island, and see why it really is one of the most exciting sports around.

With the World Cup reaching its final stages, the Tour De France rolling into gear and Wimbledon coming to a thrilling end, I wanted to give an honorable mention to another wonderful sport – kitesurfing.

What sport do you want to take up?

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