Best/Fest 2014 with Michael Schitzhofer

Posted March 24, 2014 by Best Kiteboarding

Best Kiteboarding and REAL would like to invite you to a SOLID week of pro clinics, riding, partying, laughing, rocking, demo-ing and blowing up the Cape Hatteras kiteboarding scene…

2014 marks the first year of many Best/Fests to come. Whether you’re traveling with a group or going it alone, Best/Fest is a great way to improve your riding with some of the world’s top pros, try new gear, learn new tricks and get your session on!

What: Best/Fest 2014 @ REAL!
Where: Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
When: Sunday, March 30th – Sunday, April 6th
Why: You want to learn from the world’s top pros and session your brains out!

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