How to do an Unhooked Backroll with Alex Pastor

Posted October 15, 2013 by Multipower Sportsfood UK

Leading freestyle kitesurfer and Multipower Sportsfood ambassador Alex Pastor has taken time out of his push to become 2013 World Champion, to film a series of videos to demonstrate how to master some of the fundamental tricks of kitesurfing.

Here, Alex demonstrates the Unhooked Backroll, one of the first tricks he mastered on his way to kitesurfing fame:

• Start by going into the setup position.
• For the backloop, it’s important to do a good pop and to throw your head and shoulders into the back roll rotation. This will ensure you move through the full 360 degrees.
• When you’ve almost completed most of the rotation, it’s important to spot your landing and once you have found it, you can focus on that point.
• As soon as you touch the water, bend your knees and ride along.

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