Posted May 31, 2018 by Manuela Jungo

To be involved in a project that is filled with passion is the best thing in the world. I was very lucky that I had the chance to work together with James Boulding, Annelous Lammerts and Alex Maes on a kite park in Brazil this winter. We had so much fun and it was great to learn new tricks, despite a few crashes. To have a goal to work towards is very important to me and keeps me going, no matter what. Big thanks to the Kite Mansion Tremembe for having us.

I am in Cape Hatteras at the moment at the Triple S Invitational, Kiteboarding Competition which starts in a few days. I am very glad that I got a wildcard with a few clips from the following video and I can’t wait to compete with the best riders in the world.

Big thanks to my Sponsors: North Kiteboarding International, traser swiss H3 watches, SWOX and Rip Curl/Cloud 9 for the support.

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