Posted October 11, 2014 by Ikon Kiteboarding

### Riders /// Romain Barachko
### Location /// NEW ZEALAND
### Film Crew /// Camera & Edit : Ben Menetrier
### Sponsors /// Ikon Kiteboarding
### Music /// WOODKID – Iron (Instrumental)

One more conquest done by the EMPIRE. Romain Barachko was in New Zealand with the Ikon R&D team in August 2014 discovering and experiencing what Kiwi land has to offer!

The Empire is the leading open cell foil in terms of safety. Our 2014/2015 Empire features the Unique Safety System. This concept totally new to the market stalls the kite immediately after release. The kite will land in perfect position to launch again without any tangles.

Ikon Kiteboarding R&D is glad to have brought a benchmark in safety system for foil kites. We wouldn’t be surprised to see other brands using our system in 2015! Keep your eyes opened.

Ikon Team is wishing you a snowy and windy winter in the North Hemisphere.

Ride Different and stay safe!

Ben # Ikon Designer

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Thanks to : Wanakite Snowkiters – SNOW KITE NZ – Tim Stockman

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