Nobile Kiteboarding: Saudade – case study

This year Nobile Kiteboarding collection was designed by Grey Group Poland. It was so unique, so unexpected that we can surly says that we changed mood in kiteboarding design worldwide 🙂 So, thank you Grey Group and Rafał Baran (CEO, GGP).

Saudade is a word of Portuguese origin which doesn’t have equivalent in any other language. It means longing suspended between nostalgia and joy caused by soon encounter with someone or something we are emotionally bound with. For us Saudade is a yearning for hot summer sun, wind and water. And for the best sport in the world: the kiteboarding.

Movie: Creative Director: Jakub Korolczuk, Creative Director Digital: Krzysztof Kosz, Copywriter: Tomek Dubiel, Krzysztof Kosz, Art Director: Krzysztof Kosz, Tomek Dubiel, Developer: Marcin Bak, Client Service: Kamila Żurawska. Coordination: Maciej Jaźwiecki (Nobile Sports).

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