Take it to the Next Level with the NEW SKATER SPORT

Posted February 3, 2015 by Naish Kiteboarding

Ideal in any surf condition, the new Skater Sport has been developed with a redesigned, modern shape for beginner-to-advanced kiters who want to take their directional or strapless riding to new levels with the option of riding strapped.

Its durable Double Bamboo Deck provides a highly impact resistant, light construction in unison with the Front and Stomp Deck Pad. Its outline and length have been finely tuned for optimal control and balance, enabling the rider focus on hitting critical sections and aerial tricks with ease and confidence.

This travel-friendly, compact design provides the same snappy maneuverability as a larger surfboard. This leads to more snap and tighter, faster turns—especially when combined with the thruster fin setup and exclusive bottom shaping. Performing flip-and-spin tricks has never been easier!

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