Unleash The Beast…

Posted March 24, 2014 by Amy Strzalko

Its kicker time! I have been thinking our local kite spot is in need of a kicker for a while now. New to this I can not wait to hit it. The only time I have hit one before I broke my finger 5 weeks ago 🙁 So I figure if it breaks you build one and beat it! Sorry no kiting as of yet that part is coming soon 😉

Massive thanks to Andre Phillip for sharing this link with a step by step guide of how to build one for your self. Check it out http://kitescoop.com/index-old.php?page=articles¶ms=article/kicker

Looking forward to a new way of riding as if kiting wasn’t already fun enough! Shot on a Nikon D800, song JJ (Still) Ft Dre. Thanks to Tom Sargison Construction and Berton for his hard work on the build.

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